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Let’s get you into college. 

College admissions is scary. Let me help you navigate the daunting process— from finding the right schools to tackling the big college essay. 

Pick the best package for you! 

College admissions looks different for everyone; let's figure out the best plan for you. 


Past students have been admitted to: 

Cheyenne has a keen eye with honing in on the emotions of an essay while guiding those emotions to hitting the core goal of revealing more about the origins of someone’s passions. I personally struggled with deciding how I wanted those feelings to represent my passions in public health. She helped me create a picture that could easily be envisioned by the audience while simultaneously directing me to focus my writing on expressing unique (yet understandable) perspective. Her tips always came down to going back to what felt the most honest to myself and creating a storyline out of that honesty. Not only did this create a stronger essay in the end that got me into my target and reach universities, she reminded me how human connection through writing can be brought to life in many ways and directions. It was a rewarding experience that I keep to heart and in mind even while I am in university.

Eunice Kang, Cornell University

My college prep was a breeze and it would have been a different story without Cheyenne’s help. The benefits I gained after multiple sessions under her constructive guidance still have active influences on my journey at a college. She will not only fuel your desire to complete your essay, but also to discovering a new love for literature. As aforementioned, her professionalism embodies what contemporary education lacks. She takes note of every single detail in your essay, and then she rectifies those flaws in the most tasteful way possible. Her way of approaching writing is very enticing. My personal experience with her is beyond expectation. She will give you the synergy you look for, if you are willing to open yourself up.

Dylan Cho, College for Creative Studies


Confused by the whole college application process? Cheyenne Kim will provide you with clarity, at an affordable price. Her timeliness while editing and making suggestions for essays was much appreciated, especially with the wide variety of hard deadlines every student is aware of. Cheyenne knows what makes a good essay, and she will lead you down the path of discovering the perfect essay, for you. Whether an essay requires no edits or a complete redesign, she provides insight with patience and humility. Best of all, the end product will represent you. There’s no copy/paste outline for a great Personal Statement essay/ or Why Us? short answer question. The service you're truly paying for if you decide to hire Cheyenne is not her fantastic understanding of the writing process, it's not her deep comprehension of the college admission process, being a Duke graduate herself, it’s the inspiration she provides you to write the essay you didn’t know you should write. The essay you might be afraid to put down on the page; to be honest and tell the true story of who YOU are! The college acceptance letters are just the cherry on top. 

Isaiah LaCombe, University of Washington

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